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Dust light Fixtures

Remove Hight Cobwebs

Smudges remove from cabinets & drawers

Smudges remove from doors & light fixtures

Counters wiped down

Sink cleaned

Microwave cleaned inside & out

Clean exterior of Refrigerator 

Clean exterior of Oven

Clean stove top

Wipe down tables & chairs

Remove trash, Clean & reline trash can

Dust / Vacuum baseboards

Sweep & Flat mop floor


             AND MORE

Dust Ceiling Fans

Remove Hight Cobweb

Dust Blinds

Wipe down Window Sills & Sashes

Wipe down / dust Picture Frames

Wipe down / dust Mirrors

Smudges removed from doors & light switches

Wipe down / dust Furniture

Sweep / Vacuum Floors

Flat Mop Floors

Change Bed sheets

Organize Clothes

Vacuum Under Bed

Trash emptied

Lamp Shades Dusted

                 AND MORE



Changing bed sheets & washing

Wash towels

Washing clothes & ironing

Folding & organizing clothes

Collecting all clothes that needs to be washed & place them in laundry machine



Chrome Vanity Tops

Sills Scrubbed & Left Shining

Toilet (&Surrounding Area) Scrubbed and left shining 

Mirrors Cleaned

Trash emptied

Floors Vacuumed & washed

Wet wiped light fixtures

             AND MOIRE


Wet wipe walls

Clean Windows (Inside)

Any furniture is dusted / wiped

Floors are swept / vacuumed & mopped

Wet wipe baseboards

Clean any welcome mats or boot trays

Return everything to its rightful place

               AND MORE


Clean television screen & dust electronics

Wipe over & dust furniture & decor

Vacuum behind furniture

Wet wipe windows

Dust blinds & window sills

Replace light globes(if needed)

Vacuum Rug & Mop Floors

Clean off all tables, Put things where they belong

Clean off Fireplace Mantel

Clean off Book Shelves

Arrange Throw Pillows Neatly

            AND MORE

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